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Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2015 Celebration at Pencar Seafood and Grill

How many days left until New Year’s Eve Countdown? When this thought comes to your mind, it is the moment when you realized that one year has almost gone, and you also realized that it’s gone so fast. Decorations have been set up in houses, malls, roads or offices to tone up the joyful of.. read more »

Thank you for your support #1 Winner for Best Seafood Restaurant

Pencar Seafood and Grill has been awarded as the Best Seafood Restaurant in Bali. It is such a great achievement for Pencar Seafood and Grill to receive an award as the best Seafood Restaurant in Bali from Now Bali  on Bali Best Restaurant Cafe and Bar Award 2014. Over 37,000 people voted in 20 categories.. read more »


Why many Balinese have same names?

(Priest or Pemangku. Photo by: Mertha Kurnia on Fivehundredpx) Probably you wonder why there are so many Gustis, Agungs, Kadeks or Wayans, or why women and men have same names. Some people find it weird, some people find it funny, some people find it normal. However, they probably don’t know the history why there are.. read more »


8 Traditional Balinese Foods You Must Try

Bali is well known not only of its beaches, traditions and culture, but it is also well known of its traditional foods. Coming to Bali without trying the traditional foods is like going to the beach without swimming or sunbathing. There are many kinds of traditional foods that you can try in Bali. However, there.. read more »

How do Balinese do “Thanksgiving”?

(Balinese women carrying Gebogan – photo credit: Nat Stravers Photography) As we may know, Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebration in United States. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. The meaning of Thanksgiving itself is a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest of the preceding year. The history.. read more »