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6 Fun Activities to Delight Your Bali Christmas Holiday

Photo courtesy: Bali Christmas Holiday! This one idea probably comes out after the boredom of spending the festive season last year only at home with heater, hot chocolate, turkeys dining, scrabble and tv programs. For this year, all you and family expect somewhere warm with the sunshine to celebrate Christmas. And Bali should be.. read more »


Bali New Year’s Eve at Pencar Seafood & Grill

Bali New Year’s Eve, where should you go to dine with family? Probably this question appears to be typed in google search with some specific keywords. With so many suggestions pop out, you still stuck to decide. You may consider package, deal, and venue to ensure it should be perfect for a special Bali New.. read more »


Bali Christmas Dinner and New Year’s Eve at Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa

Bali Christmas should be exciting words to be heard, but some of you probably still worried to decide which Bali dining place to go for the eve. Having one special Christmas & New Year’s Dinner during a festive season is a must thing to do with your family. Even, if there will be a Bali.. read more »


8 Upcoming Bali Festivals You Should Visit Before Check Out

Bali festivals could be a new reason for you to visit this beautiful paradise. Throughout the last decade, some happening events appear to promote the uniqueness of Bali. When you find an event that relates to your passion and enthusiasm during having a holiday in Bali, doesn’t it sound more exciting? From cultural festival, culinary.. read more »


The Best Luxury Boutique Spa in Asia 2016 Goes To Lagoon Spa Seminyak

Last week, the prestigious World Luxury Spa Awards 2016 has announced the complete winners list. Lagoon Spa Seminyak couldn’t be happier to find its name along with the winners from 144 countries around the world.  Based on the worldwide vote held from February – March 2016, this sought-after Seminyak spa managed by Astadala Hotel Management.. read more »


Mother’s Day Gifts: 7 Ideas To Surprise Your Mom in Bali

Mother’s Day | Photo: Mother’s Day is coming. Do you plan to surprise mom with one ticket to Bali for celebrating her once-a-year special day? If yes, it would be one of the best mother’s day gifts. She deserves some lovely breaks, doesn’t she? It’s a perfect time to please and pamper her with.. read more »


6 Unique Activities to Celebrate Easter Family in Bali

 Easter with Bali tropical sensation, why not? | Photo from Have you ever considered to celebrate Easter in Bali? Or do you just already plan for that? Bali promises distinctive Easter holiday that probably you’ve never experienced before. If you expect such a cute egg decorating activity, Bali offers more than that. In Bali,.. read more »


8 Things Why Balinese’s Day of Silence Saves Human

A giant puppet symbolizing demon (Bhuta Kala) is paraded around village on Nyepi Eve (one night before Balinese’s Day of Silence). At the end of parade, Ogoh-ogoh will be burnt to represent a banishment of evil spirit.   Have you ever experienced Earth Hour? Congratulations to those people around the world who are willing to.. read more »