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6 Unique Activities to Celebrate Easter Family in Bali

 Easter with Bali tropical sensation, why not? | Photo from Have you ever considered to celebrate Easter in Bali? Or do you just already plan for that? Bali promises distinctive Easter holiday that probably you’ve never experienced before. If you expect such a cute egg decorating activity, Bali offers more than that. In Bali,.. read more »


8 Things Why Balinese’s Day of Silence Saves Human

A giant puppet symbolizing demon (Bhuta Kala) is paraded around village on Nyepi Eve (one night before Balinese’s Day of Silence). At the end of parade, Ogoh-ogoh will be burnt to represent a banishment of evil spirit.   Have you ever experienced Earth Hour? Congratulations to those people around the world who are willing to.. read more »