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5 Things You Might Not Know about Nyepi in Bali

Nyepi Day, or the day of silence in Bali this year falls on 17 March 2018, or exactly on the last date of the month. Balinese Hindu will flock beaches days before the day to clean the earth with offerings and prayers, while at night, the ogoh-ogoh parade will live up and ignite the island.. read more »


Experience the Balinese New Year (Nyepi) at The Bene Hotel

In the world history, it may only Bali that celebrates its new year by stopping its entire activity in a day full. There is no lavish party on celebrating a new year; instead it’s in total silence for 24 hours. No vehicles are allowed on the road, no activities, and no lights in the night.. read more »


Valentine of Bali: The Legend of Jayaprana and Layonsari

(The steep concrete onto the gravesite of Jayaprana and Layonsari in Teluk Terima. Wild plantation can be seen on the right and left side. Photo credit: Yunaidi Joepoet) It’s Valentine’s day, one of a long live popular tradition celebrated by people around the world. Bali is no exception, as many travelers love to spend their.. read more »