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Brand new hotel near the beach : The Bene Hotel Kuta

Bali New Year’s Eve at Pencar Seafood & Grill

Special Bali New Year's Eve Pencar Seafood & Grill Restaurant

Bali New Year’s Eve, where should you go to dine with family? Probably this question appears to be typed in google search with some specific keywords. With so many suggestions pop out, you still stuck to decide. You may consider package, deal, and venue to ensure it should be perfect for a special Bali New Year’s Eve. (more…)


Bali Christmas Dinner and New Year’s Eve at Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa

bali christmas dinner villas seminyak estate & spa

Bali Christmas should be exciting words to be heard, but some of you probably still worried to decide which Bali dining place to go for the eve. Having one special Christmas & New Year’s Dinner during a festive season is a must thing to do with your family. Even, if there will be a Bali escape for this December, you couldn’t be away from the festive dinner ritual. It’s such a perfect bonding moment amongst family member.

To complete family’s joyous moment, Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa initiates an intimate festive program for in-house guests in three selected days. This exciting program will be wrapped in a dining concept with various menu options to be presented by villa chef (more…)


8 Upcoming Bali Festivals You Should Visit Before Check Out

Ultra Beach Bali Astadala

Bali festivals could be a new reason for you to visit this beautiful paradise. Throughout the last decade, some happening events appear to promote the uniqueness of Bali. When you find an event that relates to your passion and enthusiasm during having a holiday in Bali, doesn’t it sound more exciting? From cultural festival, culinary fiesta, book celebration, to the awesome jazz scene. Bali doesn’t only provide the enchanting venue, but also lead you to experience such a distinct festival concept inspired by its charisma. These below upcoming events on the half of 2016 will complete your itinerary in Bali. For those don’t have a clue for perfect traveling time to Bali, just match the event calendar. Check it out! (more…)

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